St. Paul im Lavanttal, Stiftsbibliothek, MS 86a/1 = Reichenau Primer
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Tristram, Konrad J. [photography], Reichenauer Schulheft - Reichenau Primer: Benediktinerstift St. Paul im Lavanttal (Kärnten) - St. Paul in Carinthia, Online: Hildegard L. C. Tristram, ?–present. URL: <>. 
Images of the Reichenau Primer, photographed in 1998.
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677–678   “535. The St. Paul Irish codex”
714–715   [572] “The Cursus hymnorum
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comments: Reprinted by DIAS in 1987, together with Stokes' supplementary volume.
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Internet Archive: <link> Internet Archive – Originally from Google Books: <link> – Vol. 1, part 1: View in Mirador – Vol. 1, part 2: Wörterbuch: View in Mirador
[X] “De irische Handschrift des Klosters St. Paul in Kärnthen”
I. Adgúisiu fid nallabrach ocus arggatbrain etir tenid ocus fraig; II. Messe ocus Pangur Bán; III (Suibne Geilt). Mairinclán hi Túaim Inbir; IV (Maling). Is én immo n-iada sás; V. Aed oll fri andud n-ane

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Latin hymns, Latin grammatical texts, with Old Irish poems, such as Pangur Bán (f. 1).

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