London, Lambeth Palace Library, MS 248 = Copy of the Book of Howth
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Fischer, Lenore, “Fionn mac Cumhaill among the Old English: some comments on The Book of Howth”, North American Journal of Celtic Studies 3:1 (2019): 65–84.  
The Book of Howth, written during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, sought to provide the Old English with a cultural identity. Its introductory section comprises some 13 folios of Ossianic and related lore. The Fianna, Howth stated, were imported from Denmark to protect the Irish; by implication, the Old English, too, had come from abroad to protect the land. Comparison of this material with native Irish–language sources provides us, on the one hand, with an important sixteenth–century witness to Ossianic lore, some of which was not recorded elsewhere until much later, while, on the other hand, it affords us a valuable glimpse of Irish culture as seen through the eyes of the Elizabethan Old English.
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Contemporary copy of the Book of Howth (Lambeth Palace, MS 623) compiled by Christopher St Lawrence, seventh baron Howth (d. 1589).

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