London, British Library, MS Royal 5 E xiii
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Scheirer, Christopher R. J., “The eighth-century sermon De reddendis decimis in London, British Library, MS Royal 5.E.XIII and Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, MS Aug. perg. 254: edition, translation, and commentary”, The Journal of Medieval Latin 27 (2017): 133–164.  
This article explores the history and textual relationships of the unpublished tithing sermon De reddendis decimis. The sermon, which was likely composed in the eighth century, survives in two manuscript witnesses of the eighth and ninth century, both of which have strong Hiberno-Latin affiliations. In addition to presenting an edition, translation, and full commentary on the text, I trace the sermon’s transmission history and manuscript context, and reveal its debt to a variety of late-antique, early-medieval, and apocryphal literary sources. The collocation of these material, textual, and orthographical features, I argue, locates this sermon’s origin in a Continental monastic center under the strong influence of Irish textual and intellectual traditions.
Ambrose, Shannon O., “A new assessment and transcription of the Canon in Ebreica in London, British Library, MS Royal 5 E XIII”, Codices manuscripti & impressi: Zeitschrift fur Buchgeschichte 91–92 (December, 2013): 11–24.
Ambrose, Shannon O., “The De vindictis magnis magnorum peccatorum: a ‘new’ Hiberno-Latin witness to the Book of Kings”, Eolas 5 (2011): 44–61.

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