Leiden, University Library, MS Bur. Q. 3
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Petruccione, John F., “The glosses of Prudentius’s Peristephanon in Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek, Burmann Quarto 3 (Bur. Q. 3) and their relationship to a lost commentary”, The Journal of Medieval Latin 23 (2013): 295–333.  
Burmann Quarto 3, a ninth-century manuscript of the works of Prudentius, is well known to philologists and art historians, to the former (under the siglum E) as a major source for the text of the poems, to the latter for its illustrations of the Psychomachia. This article focuses on the glosses to Peristephanon. First, I describe the hands of the seven main glossators and attempt to identify those who, in addition to glossing, corrected and/or punctuated the poetic text. I then provide the editio princeps of the glosses, in which I arrange the glosses by hand. A comparison of these glosses with those in Paris, B.N. lat. 8086 (P) suggests that the first two glossators of E and the first glossator of P drew on a common source; indeed, the two manuscripts show so many similarities that it looks quite possible that they were written in the same scriptorium. From a comparison of the E and P glosses on Pe. to those found in other manuscripts of approximately the same period, I infer that E and P preserve material from a lost commentary on Pe. composed by Johannes Scotus Eriugena, which, a generation later, became the basis for the extant commentary by Remigius of Auxerre. I find support for this theory in the fact that, in their wording and content, the glosses of E and P on Contra Symmachum sometimes agree with those of John against the corresponding glosses of Remigius.

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  • c.838
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Manuscript of De nuptiis (9 books), with glossing from two main traditions.

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Leiden, University Library, MS BPL 88
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Quires 22 (ff. 168-175) and 23 (ff. 176-181) representing an originally separate manuscript and containing Book IX of Martianus Capella's De nuptiis with glosses from the Eriugenian tradition.

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Composite manuscript whose constituent parts have all been dated to the 9th century and assigned an origin in northeastern France (see Bischoff).

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Leiden, University Library, MS BPL 135
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  • Leiden, University Library, MS BPL 2391a
  • Leiden, University Library, MS Bur. Q. 3