Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 24 P 27 (4)
  • s. xvi-xvii
Mac Cárthaigh, Eoin, “Mo mhallacht ort, a shaoghail (c. 1655): dán is a sheachadadh”, Ériu 63 (2013): 41–77.  
This poem was composed by Cú Choigeríche Ó Cléirigh at some point after the end of the 1641 war to give solace to Toirdhealbhach (son of Cathbharr) Ó Domhnaill, who seems to have been imprisoned at the time and at risk of execution. An edition of the poem from RIA MS 24 P 27 is accompanied by a translation, introduction and notes, and by a discussion of the transmission of the poem, of which more than twenty MS copies survive.

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Manuscript of Saltair na rann (pp. 1-24) and poems in a later hand on the O'Donnells.

  • s. xvi-xvii