Dublin, National Library of Ireland, MS G 167
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Mac Cárthaigh, Eoin, “Dia libh, a uaisle Éireann (1641)”, Ériu 52 (2002): 89–121.  
This poem of incitement offers a valuable contemporary insight into the thinking—or, at least, the propaganda position—of some of the leadership of the 1641 uprising. The main body of the text is addressed to the nobility (both Gaelic and old English) of Ireland as a whole, and the closing quatrains exclusively to the Gaelic nobility of Tír Chonaill. The poet, Uilliam Óg (son of Uilliam Óg) Mac an Bhaird, develops his argument clearly: he enumerates his audience's grievances, identifies the causes of their suffering, and urges them to take up arms to redress these wrongs; he places considerable emphasis throughout on the need for unity, and on the importance of their Catholic faith as a unifying factor. In language and metre the poem conforms closely to the norms of classical Modern Irish. It is edited here from National Library of Ireland ms G167 with introduction, translation and commentary.
“National Library of Ireland”, O'Brien, Anne-Marie, and Pádraig Ó Macháin (director), Irish Script on Screen (ISOS) – Meamrám Páipéar Ríomhaire, Online: School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. URL: <>.
Ó Cléirigh, Tomás, “A poem book of the O'Donnells [part 1]”, Éigse 1 (1939–1940): 51–61.

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