Bern, Burgerbibliothek, MS 207
  • s. viii/ix
Kenney, James F., “Chapter VII: Religious literature and ecclesiastical culture”, in: Kenney, James F., The sources for the early history of Ireland: an introduction and guide. Volume 1: ecclesiastical, Records of Civilization: Sources and Studies 11, Revised ed. (1929), New York: Octagon, 1966. 622–744.
679   “538. Codex Bernensis 207”
Hagen, Hermann, Anecdota Helvetica quae ad grammaticam latinam spectant ex Bibliothecis Turicensi, Einsidlensi, Bernensi, Leipzig: Teubner, 1870.
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Carolingian manuscript containing materials relating to Latin grammar.

  • s. viii/ix