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The present classification is only rudimentary. It will ultimately be replaced by a new system with greater care for data concerning each manuscript’s date, origin and provenance.
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  • s. xiv/xv
Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, MS 5413-5422

Manuscript leaves of Breton provenance containing fragments of Arator’s De actibus apostolorum.

  • s. ix1

Biblical commentaries

  • s. x

Manuscript destroyed in WWII. It contained the earliest known version of the Historia Brittonum, referred to as the ‘Chartres’ recension of this text.

  • s. x/xi
Not yet published.

Fragment (10 folia) of a liturgical manuscript from the monastery of Landévennec, preserving some chronological tables and part of a calendar (January–August).

  • s. x
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9th-century Carolingian manuscript (six quires) containing Alcuin’s Ars grammatica and De orthographia as well as Bede’s De schematibus et tropis. The first tract is an acephalous fragment of a tract on Greek terminology for figures of speech.

  • s. ix2/3

Compilation esp. of canon law and penitentials.

  • s. ix4/4/x1/4
Not yet published.

Theological treatises.

  • s. ix2/4/3/4
Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, MS Clm 14096
  • s. viiiex/ixin

9 leaves containing an incomplete copy of Eutyches’ Ars de uerbo

  • s. ix
Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Hatton 42
  • s. ix
Not yet published.
  • s. xviii2

Manuscript (middle of the 14th century) commissioned by Jean Trisse for the Carmelite convent of Nîmes, of which he was a friar, and copied in Paris by Henri Dahelou, a Breton clerk of the diocese of Quimper. It contains a number of works of Carmelite interest, including some composed by Jean Trisse. The first explicit in the manuscript is followed by a Middle Breton proverb.

  • 1360-c.1362
  • Henri Dahelou