Anonymous scribe, usually known simply as H or the Interpolator, who significantly annotated, revised and interpolated parts of the Lebor na hUidre (RIA MS 23 E 25) and sometimes intercalated leaves to add material. The modern name H stands for ‘Homilist’, which stems from the fact that he added two homilies, Scéla laí brátha and Scéla na hEsérgi. His identity, background and precise floruit remain uncertain.

A 12th-century nun of Mallersdorf, a daughter-house of Niedermünster in Bavaria, who according to one late source, was of Irish origin (de gente Scotorum), knew four languages (Irish, Latin, Greek and German) and had a reputation as a scribe, so much so that the monk Laiupold recorded her anniversary.

Symeon of Durham (fl. c. 1090–c. 1128)

abbot and coarb of Terryglass (Tír Dá Glas), near Lough Derg, and one of the scribes and compilers of the Book of Leinster.