Riaguil of Bennchor

  • fl. 8th/9th century?
  • Feast-day: 11 June
  • Bennchor ... Bangor
  • Irish poets, saints of Ireland
  • (agents)
The name ‘Riaguil of Bennchor’, suggesting a religious associated with the monastery of Bennchor (Bangor, Co. Down), is attested for: (1) a saint commemorated in the martyrologies of Tallaght and Donegal under 11 June, and (2) a poet to whom a couple of verses on the battle of Dún Nechtain (685) are attributed. Although the first name, presumably a monastic name, is relatively rare, it is possible but by no means certain that they refer to the same person.

See also: Bennchor [Bangor]
Bennchor ... Bangor
County Down
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