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Regensburg, abbey of St James

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  • Regensburg, Bavaria
See also: Albert of CashelAlbert of Cashel
(supp. fl. 8th century)
Albart or Albert, a patron of Cashel of dubious historicity. A 12th-century life was written for him at St James, Regensburg (Vita S. Alberti archiepiscopi Casellensis) which identifies him as an Anglo-Saxon missionary who was active in both Ireland and Bavaria, undertook a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and died in Regensburg.
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Christianus Mac CarthaigMac Carthaig (Christianus)
(d. 1148 × 1156)
Third abbot of St James of Regensburg, believed to have been a Munsterman of the Mac Carthaig family of Desmond.
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Marianus Scottus of RegensburgMarianus Scottus of Regensburg
(d. 1080 x 1083)
Marianus of Ratisbon, Muiredach mac Robartaig
Irish scribe, who founded the Irish monastic community at Regensburg (Ratisbon) in Bavaria, the first of the Schottenklöster to be founded in southern Germany.
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