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Uí Máil

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Early Irish dynasty of Leinster, whose territory corresponded roughly with the plain of the river Liffey, extending south to Baltinglass.

See also: Áed Díbchíne mac SenaigÁed Díbchíne mac Senaig
(ob. 595)
King of Leinster, son of Senach Díbech of the Uí Máil.
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Cellach CualannCellach Cualann
(d. 715)
Cellach of Cualu
Cellach Cualann, king of Uí Máil (r. 680-715) and king of Leinster (r. 693-715)
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Crimthann mac ÁedaCrimthann mac Áeda
(ob. 633)
Crimthann Cualann, Crimthann mac Áedo
King of the Leinster of the Uí Máil, son of Áed Díbchíne.
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Maine MálMaine Mál
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Maine MálMaine Mál

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