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See also: Jacques Bernard [d. 1652]Bernard (Jacques) ... d. 1652
Jesuit hagiographer.
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Conan MeriadocConan Meriadoc
(supp. fl. 4th century)
Legendary leader of the earliest migrations of Britons to Brittany and a ‘founding father’ of Brittany in the historical scheme laid out by Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia regum Britanniae and the texts that followed it.
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Albert Le GrandLe Grand (Albert)
Breton Dominican friar and hagiographer, author of Les vies des saints de la Bretagne Armorique (Nantes, 1637).
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Guy Alexis LobineauLobineau (Guy Alexis)
Benedictine monk of the Congregration of Saint-Maur and a historian of Brittany.
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