Maine Milscothach

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One of the seven Maines, sons of Ailill and Medb in the Ulster Cycle; or one of two or three different characters in the tale of Togail bruidne Da Derga.

See also: The seven Maines
The seven Maines
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle, Conaire Mór, Conchobar mac Nessa)
In the Ulster Cycle, the seven Maines (na secht Maine) are a collective designation for the seven, or eight, sons of Medb and Ailill, all of whom are named Maine: Maine Máithremail and Maine Aithremail, Maine Míngor and Maine Mórgor, Maine Andóe, Maine Milscothach and/or Maine Mó Epert, and Maine Conda(s)gaib/Cotagaib Uile.

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