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  • Llanfihangel Nant Melan, New Radnor, Radnorshire

Estate (also Lhuynweney or Llanwenny) which formerly belonged to John Lewis (d. 1615/1616). The country house has been destroyed.

See also: John Lewis [of Llynwene]Lewis (John) ... of Llynwene
(d. 1615/1616)
Welsh barrister and historian. He was author of a History of Great-Britain, which did not appear in print until 1729.
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Coflein, Online: National Monuments Record of Wales, 2004–present. URL: <>. 

Coflein is the online database for the National Monuments Record of Wales (NMRW) - the national collection of information about the historic environment of Wales. The name is derived from the Welsh cof (memory) and lein (line).

Coflein contains details of many thousands of archaeological sites, monuments, buildings and maritime sites in Wales, together with an index to the drawings, manuscripts and photographs held in the NMRW archive collections.

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