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See also: Marianus Scottus [Máel Brigte]Marianus Scottus ... Máel Brigte
(fl. 1028–1082/3)
Marianus Scottus of Mainz
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Paulus IudaeusPaulus Iudaeus
(d. 1066)
A monk of Fulda who was responsible for composing a life of Erhard, bishop of Regensburg, at the request of Eilika, abbess of Niedermünster, not long after Erhard's relics were translated.
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Probus of MainzProbus (Scottus) of Mainz
(d. 859)
Probus Scottus of Mainz
Irish monk, scholar and poet at Mainz; known to have been the owner of a copy of Isidore’s Etymologiae (Laon MS 447). An obit of 859 is recorded in the annals of Fulda.
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