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See also: Séamus Óg Mac CoitirMac Coitir (Séamus Óg)
Cotter (James) ... the Younger
Jacobite leader, eldest son of Sir Séamus Mac Coitir (James Cotter) and his second wife Ellen Plunkett. Párliament na mBan was written for him when he was still young. He was convicted of rape and in 1720, executed by hanging, an act which popular opinion held to be politically motivated and which gave rise to a number of Irish elegies.
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Conchubhar Ó Briain [priest and poet]Ó Briain (Conchubhar) ... priest and poet
Carn Tighearnaigh
al. Carn Tighearnaigh, Irish priest and poet.
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Dáibhí Ó BruadairÓ Bruadair (Dáibhí)
(fl. 1625–c.1698(?))
Ó Bruadair (Dáibhídh), Ó Bruadair (David)
Prolific Irish poet.
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Tadhg Ó ConaillÓ Conaill (Tadhg)
(fl. 19th c.)
Ó Conuill (Tadhg)
Irish scribe
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Seán Ó DreadaÓ Dreada (Seán)
Draddy (John)
Irish scribe and sculptor based in Cork.
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Peadar Ó LaoghaireÓ Laoghaire (Peadar)
Father (an tAthair) Peader Ua Laoghaire was a Cork priest, Irish-language activist and author.
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Mícheál Óg Ó LongáinÓ Longáin (Mícheál Óg)
Irish scribe; son of Mícheál mac Peadair Ó Longáin
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Seán Ó MuláinÓ Muláin (Seán)
(s. xviii2–xix1)
Ó Mulain (Seaghan)
Irish teacher and scribe based in the city and county of Cork.
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