Carmichael (Alexander)

  • 1832–1912
  • antiquarians, collectors of oral traditions
  • (agents)
Scottish folklorist and a collector of oral material from the Gaelic-speaking areas of Scotland. These activities led to the compilation of the anthology Carmina Gadelica, the first two volumes of which were published in 1900, while subsequent volumes appeared posthumously. Carmichael’s strategies in editing and reshaping the original material have been severely criticised, although the work remains an important testimony to both Gaelic culture and the Celtic Revival movements which it helped inspire.
Carmichael, Alexander, “The barons of Bachuill”, The Celtic Review 5:20 (April 1909, 1908–1909): 356–375.
Internet Archive: <link>
Carmichael, Alexander, “Caol Reathainn: mar a fhuair e an t-ainm”, The Celtic Review 1:1 (1904–1905): 32–35.
Internet Archive: <link>


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