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Ard Macha (Armagh)

  • religious foundations
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  • bar. Armagh, County Armagh
See also: Richard FitzRalphFitzRalph (Richard)
Archbishop of Armagh (1347-1360), theologian and author.
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Fland Feblae mac ScandláinFland Feblae mac Scandláin
(d. 715)
Flann Feblae, son of Scandlán, abbot of Armagh
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Iarlaithe mac TrenaIarlaithe mac Trena
(supp. d. 481)
son of Trian; bishop of Armagh
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Oliver PlunkettPlunkett (Oliver)
Pluincéid (Oilibhéar)
Archbishop of Armagh. He was ordained in 1669, after spending considerable time as a student and cleric in Rome (1647–1669). He fell victim to the crisis over an alleged ‘popish plot’. Having been found guilty of high treason against the Crown, he was violently executed at Tyburn on 11 July 1681. In the 20th century, he was both beautified (1920) and canonised (1975).
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Albert SuerbeerSuerbeer (Albert)
(d. 1272/73)
Also known as Albert the German, churchman from Cologne who became archbishop of Armagh, 1240 (cons.)-1246.
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James UssherUssher (James)
Anglican archbishop of Armagh known for his scholarship on a variety of subjects, including history and theology
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