de Paor
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5 publications between 1967 and 1993 indexed
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Works authored

de Paor, Liam [tr.], Saint Patrick's world: the Christian culture of Ireland's apostolic age, Blackrock: Four Courts Press, 1993.

Contributions to journals

de Paor, Liam, “Saint Mac Creiche of Liscannor”, Ériu 30 (1979): 93–121.

Contributions to edited collections or authored works

de Paor, Liam, “Cormac’s Chapel: the beginnings of Irish romanesque”, in: Etienne Rynne (ed.), North Munster studies: essays in commemoration of Monsignor Michael Moloney, Limerick: Thomond Archaeological Society, 1967. 133–145.
de Paor, Liam, “The age of the Viking wars: 9th and 10th centuries”, in: T. W. Moody, and F. X. Martin (eds), The course of Irish history, Cork: Cork University Press, 1967. 67–80.
de Paor, Liam, “The Book of Durrow”, in: s.n. (ed.), Great books of Ireland: Thomas Davis lectures, Dublin, London: Clonmore & Reynolds, Burns & Oates, 1967. 1–13.