Ian N. (Ian Nicholas)
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Works authored

O'Hara, Alexander, and Ian Wood, Jonas of Bobbio, Life of Columbanus, Life of John of Réomé, and Life of Vedast, Translated Texts for Historians 64, Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2017.
Sawyer, Peter H., and Ian N. Wood (eds.), Early medieval kingship, Leeds: School of History, University of Leeds, 1977.

Contributions to journals

Wood, Ian, “The Vita Columbani and Merovingian hagiography”, Peritia 1 (1982): 63–80.

Contributions to edited collections or authored works

Wood, Ian, “Columbanus in Brittany”, in: O'Hara, Alexander (ed.), Columbanus and the peoples of post-Roman Europe, Oxford Studies in Late Antiquity, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018. 103–111.
Wood, Ian N., “Columbanus, the Britons and the Merovingian church”, in: Olson, Lynette (ed.), St Samson of Dol and the earliest history of Brittany, Cornwall and Wales, Studies in Celtic History 37, Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 2017. 103–114.
Wood, Ian, “Columbanian monasticism: a contested concept”, in: Flechner, Roy, and Sven Meeder (eds), The Irish in early medieval Europe: identity, culture and religion, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. 86–100.
Wood, Ian N., “The Irish on the continent in the seventh century”, in: Schnoor, Franziska, Karl Schmuki, Ernst Tremp, Peter Erhart, and Jakob Kuratli Hüeblin (eds), Gallus und seine Zeit. Leben, Wirken, Nachleben, Monasterium Sancti Galli 7, St. Gallen: Verlag am Klosterhof St. Gallen, 2015. 39–54.
Wood, Ian N., “Pagans and holy men, 600–800”, in: Ní Chatháin, Próinséas, and Michael Richter (eds.), Irland und die Christenheit: Bibelstudien und Mission. Ireland and Christendom: the Bible and the missions, Veröffentlichungen des Europa Zentrums Tübingen. Kulturwissenschaftliche Reihe, Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, 1987. 347–361.
Wood, Ian, “The end of Roman Britain: continental evidence and parallels”, in: Lapidge, Michael, and David N. Dumville (eds.), Gildas: new approaches, Studies in Celtic History 5, Cambridge: Boydell Press, 1984. 1–25.
Wood, Ian N., “A prelude to Columbanus: the monastic achievement in the Burgundian territories”, in: Clarke, Howard B., and Mary Brennan (eds), Columbanus and Merovingian monasticism, BAR International Series 113, Oxford: British Archaeological Reports, 1981. 3–32.