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Works authored

Dooley, Ann, and Harry Roe [trs.], Tales of the elders of Ireland, Oxford's World Classics, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999.

Contributions to edited collections or authored works

Roe, Harry, “The Acallam: the Church’s eventual acceptance of the cultural inheritance of pagan Ireland”, in: Sarah Sheehan, Joanne Findon, and Westley Follett (eds), Gablánach in scélaigecht: Celtic studies in honour of Ann Dooley, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2013. 103–115.
Roe, Harry, “Acallam na senórach: the confluence of lay and clerical oral traditions”, in: Cyril J. Byrne, Margaret Harry, and Pádraig Ó Siadhail (eds), Celtic languages and Celtic peoples: proceedings of the Second North American Congress of Celtic studies, held in Halifax, August 16-19, 1989, Halifax, Nova Scotia: D’Arcy McGee Chair of Irish Studies, Saint Mary’s University, 1992. 331–346.