T. P. (Thomas Patrick)
b. 1872–d. 1913

4 publications between 1904 and 1913 indexed
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Contributions to journals

O'Nolan, T. P. [ed. and tr.], “Mór of Munster and the tragic fate of Cuanu son of Cailchin”, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 30 C (1912–1913): 261–282.
Internet Archive – offprint: <link> Internet Archive – PRIA 30: <link>
O'Nolan, T. P., “Anecdota from Murphy MSS., Maynooth”, The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, 4th series, 24 (1908): 393–397, 494–501.
Internet Archive – 393ff: <link> Internet Archive – 494ff: <link>
O'Nowlan, T. P., “A prayer to the archangels for each day of the week”, Ériu 2 (1905): 92–94.
TLH – edition: <link> TLH – translation: <link>
O'Nowlan, T. P., “The quarrel about the loaf”, Ériu 1 (1904): 128–137.
Internet Archive: <link>