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McKitterick, Rosamond, “The diffusion of Insular culture in Neustria between 650 and 850: the implications of the manuscript evidence”, in: Hartmut Atsma (ed.), La Neustrie, les pays au nord de la Loire de 650 à 850: Colloque Historique International, 2 vols, Sigmaringen: Jan Thorbecke, 1989. Vol. 2: 395–432.
Whitelock, Dorothy, Rosamond McKitterick, and David N. Dumville, “Kathleen Winifred Hughes 1926–1977”, in: Dorothy Whitelock, Rosamund McKitterick, and David N. Dumville (eds), Ireland in early medieval Europe: studies in memory of Kathleen Hughes, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1982. 1–18.
McKitterick, Rosamond, “The scriptoria of Merovingian Gaul: a survey of the evidence”, in: Howard B. Clarke, and Mary Brennan (eds), Columbanus and Merovingian monasticism, 113, Oxford: British Archaeological Reports, 1981. 173–207.