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Lhuyd, Edward, Archæologia Britannica, Celtic Linguistics (1700-1850) 2.1, facsimile ed. (1707), London: Routledge, 2000.
Lhuyd, Edward, Archæologia Britannica, English Linguistics (1500-1800) 136, facsimile ed. (1707), Menston, Yorkshire: Scolar Press, 1969.
Lhuyd, Edward, An Essay on the Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland, wherein they are placed in a clearer light than hitherto: designed as an Introduction to a larger work, especially a Attempt to shew an Affinity betwixt the Languages, &c. of the ancient Britains, and the Americans of the Isthmus of Darien, Edinburgh, 1739.
Lhuyd, Edward, Archæologia Britannica, giving some account additional to what has been hitherto publish’d, of the languages, histories and customs of the original inhabitants of Great Britain: from collections and observations in travels through Wales, Cornwal, Bas-Bretagne, Ireland and Scotland, vol. 1: Glossography, Oxford, 1707.
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Contributions to edited collections or authored works

Rowlands, Henry, and Edward Lhuyd [reply], “The etymology of several British names”, in: Rowlands, Henry, Mona antiqua restaurata: an archæological discourse on the antiquities, natural and historical, of the Isle of Anglesey, the ancient seat of the Druids, ed. Henry Owen and Lewis Morris, 2nd ed., London, Dublin, 1766. 301–305, 305–307.
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Lhuyd, Edward, “Some letters which passed between the author and the late Mr. Edward Lhwyd”, in: Rowlands, Henry, Mona antiqua restaurata: an archæological discourse on the antiquities, natural and historical, of the Isle of Anglesey, the ancient seat of the Druids, ed. Henry Owen and Lewis Morris, 2nd ed., London, Dublin, 1766. 310–318.
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Kirk, Robert, and Edward Lhwyd [annotations], “A vocabulary of the Irish dialect, spoken by the Highlanders of Scotland”, in: Nicolson, William, The Scottish historical library: containing a short view and character of most of the writers, records, registers, law-books, &c., which may be serviceable to the undertakers of a general history of Scotland, down to the union of the two kingdoms in K. James the VI, London: printed for T. Childe, 1702. 334–346.
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