David (David William)
b. 1915–d. 1981

125 publications between 1942 and 2007 indexed
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Works authored

Greene, David [ed. and tr.], Saltair na rann, Online: School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2007–. URL: <>.
Greene, David, and Fergus Kelly, The Irish Adam and Eve story from Saltair na Rann, 2 vols, vol. 1, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1976.
Greene, David, Duanaire Mhéig Uidhir: the poembook of Cú Chonnacht Mág Uidhir, lord of Fermanagh 1566–1589, edited from the Copenhagen manuscript, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1972. xvi + 291 pp.
Bergin, Osborn, Irish bardic poetry: texts and translations, together with an introductory lecture, ed. Fergus Kelly, and David Greene, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1970.
Greene, David, and Frank OʼConnor [Michael O'Donovan], A golden treasury of Irish poetry, A.D. 600 to 1200, London: Macmillan, 1967.
Greene, David [ed.], Fingal Rónáin and other stories, Mediaeval and Modern Irish Series, 16, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1955.
CELT – Fingal Rónáin (ed.): <link> TITUS – Fingal Rónáin (ed.): <link> CELT – Orgain Denna Ríg (ed.): <link> CELT – Esnada tige Buchet (ed.): <link> CELT – Orgguin trí mac Diarmata meic Cerbaill (ed.): <link>

Works edited

Carney, James P., and David Greene (eds), Celtic studies: essays in memory of Angus Matheson 1912–1962, London: Routledge, 1968.

Contributions to journals

Greene, David, “Varia I: the three Tuesdays”, Ériu 42 (1991): 139.
Greene, David, “Cró, crú and similar words”, Celtica 15 (1983): 1–9.
Greene, David, “Modern Irish cailleann and coilleann”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 37 (1979): 5–9.
Greene, David, “Perfects and perfectives in Modern Irish”, Ériu 30 (1979): 122–141.
Greene, David, “The é-future in Modern Irish”, Ériu 29 (1978): 58–63.
Greene, David, “Varia IV”, Ériu 28 (1977): 155–167.
Greene, David, “The diphthongs of Old Irish”, Ériu 27 (1976): 26–45.
Greene, David, “The Irish numerals of Cardiganshire”, Studia Celtica 10–11 (1975–1976): 305–311.
Greene, David, “Varia II”, Ériu 27 (1976): 123–129.
Greene, David [tr.], “The ‘Act of Truth’ in a Middle-Irish story”, Saga och Sed (1976): 30–37.
Greene, David, “The preposition i n- as subject marker”, Celtica 11 (1976): 61–67.
Greene, David, “A recent semantic shift in Insular Celtic”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 34 (1975): 43–59.
Greene, David, “Varia III”, Ériu 26 (1975): 175–181.
Greene, David, “The growth of palatalization in Irish”, Transactions of the Philological Society 72 (1973, 1974): 127–136.
Greene, David, “Distinctive plural forms in Old and Middle Irish”, Ériu 25 (1974): 190–199.
Greene, David, “Synthetic and analytic: a reconsideration”, Ériu 24 (1973): 121–133.
Greene, David, “Varia III: A detail of syncope”, Ériu 23 (1972): 232–234.
Greene, David, “The Irish war-cry”, Ériu 22 (1971): 167–173.
Greene, David, “Varia II [1. Periods of time; 2. Ir. úathad, óthad: W. odid]”, Ériu 22 (1971): 176–180.
Turville-Petre, G., “On the poetry of the scalds and of the filid”, Ériu 22 (1971): 1–22.
Greene, David, “In momento, in ictu oculi ...”, Ériu 21 (1969): 25–31.
Greene, David, “Varia II”, Ériu 21 (1969): 89–98.
Greene, David, “The spirant mutation in Brythonic”, Celtica 7 (1966): 116–119.
Greene, David, “Robert Atkinson and Irish studies”, Hermathena 102 (Spring, 1966): 6–15.
Greene, David, “The prefix in-”, Ériu 20 (1966): 82–86.
Greene, David, “The development of the construction is liom”, Éigse 10:1 (1961–1963): 45–48.
Greene, David W., “An emendation by J. B. Bury to Tírechán”, Hermathena 97 (July, 1963): 94–95.
Greene, David, “Ir. gnás: W. gnaws; OHG kunst”, Celtica 6 (1963): 62–63.
Greene, David, “The conjunct forms of the copula in Old Irish”, Ériu 19 (1962): 73–74.
Greene, David, “Varia. I”, Ériu 19 (1962): 111–113.
Greene, David, “Some problems of Irish phonology”, Celtica 5 (1960): 103–106.
Greene, David, “Miscellanea”, Celtica 4 (1958): 44–47.
Greene, David, “The analytic forms of the verb in Irish”, Ériu 18 (1958): 108–112.
Greene, David, “Un Joc Grossier in Irish and Provençal”, Ériu 17 (1955): 7–15.
Greene, David, “Lapidaries in Irish”, Celtica 2:1 (1952, 1954): 67–95.
Greene, David, “A Welsh lapidary”, Celtica 2:1 (1952, 1954): 96–116.
Greene, David, “The Irish version of the Letter of Prester John”, Celtica 2:1 (1952, 1954): 117–145.
Greene, David, “St. Brigid’s alefeast”, Celtica 2:1 (1952, 1954): 150–153.
Greene, David, “Miscellanea: [1] NVA pl. -aige, [2] céidéaga, [3] lepaid; lled-; apaid, [4] The mark of length on pretonic vowels”, Celtica 2:2 (1954, 1954): 334–340.
Greene, David, “A Middle Irish poem on Latin nouns”, Celtica 2:2 (1954): 278–296.
Greene, David, “Miscellanea: [1] cythlwng: céadlongadh, [2] lafan: llyffant”, Celtica 2:1 (1952, 1954): 146–149.
Greene, David, “Middle quantity in Irish”, Ériu 16 (1952): 212–218.
Greene, David, “The O’Hara MS”, Hermathena 60 (1942): 81–86.

Contributions to edited collections or authored works

Greene, David, “Y dail a’r bôn”, in: R. Geraint Gruffydd (ed.), Bardos: penodau ar y traddodiad barddol Cymreig a Cheltaidd, cyflwynedig i J. E. Caerwyn Williams, Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1982. 180–186.
Greene, David, “Some linguistic evidence relating to the British church”, in: M. W. Barley, and R. P. C. Hanson (eds), Christianity in Britain, 300-700: papers presented to the Conference on Christianity in Roman and Sub-Roman Britain, held at the University of Nottingham, 17–20 April 1967, Leicester: Leicester University Press, 1969. 75–86.
Greene, David, “A satire by Cathal Mac Muireadhaigh”, in: James P. Carney, and David Greene (eds), Celtic studies: essays in memory of Angus Matheson 1912–1962, London: Routledge, 1968. 51–55.
Greene, David, “Leabhar na hUidhre”, in: s.n. (ed.), Great books of Ireland: Thomas Davis lectures, Dublin, London: Clonmore & Reynolds, Burns & Oates, 1967. 64–76.
Greene, David, “Old Irish is . . . dom ‘I am’”, in: Wolfgang Meid (ed.), Beiträge zur Indogermanistik und Keltologie: Julius Pokorny zum 80. Geburtstag gewidmet, 13, Innsbruck: Sprachwissenschaftliches Institut der Universität Innsbruck, 1967. 171–172.
Greene, David, “The making of Insular Celtic”, in: Proceedings of the Second International Congress of Celtic Studies held in Cardiff 6–13 July, 1963, 2, Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1966. 123–136.
Greene, David [tr.], “The romance of Mis and Dubh Ruis”, in: Vivian Mercier [ed.], Great Irish short stories, New York: Dell, 1964. 32–36.
Greene, David, “The professional poets”, in: Brian Ó Cuív (ed.), Seven centuries of Irish learning, 1000-1700, Cork, Dublin: Mercier Press, 1961. 45–57.
Greene, David, “Táin bó Cuailnge”, in: Myles Dillon (ed.), Irish sagas, Dublin, 1959. 94–106.

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Wagner, Heinrich, “Nekrolog: David William Greene”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 39 (1982): 271–272..