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Works edited

Davies, Morgan Thomas (ed.), Proceedings of the Celtic Studies Association of North America Annual Meeting 2008, CSANA Yearbook, 10, New York: Colgate University Press, 2011.

Contributions to journals

Davies, Morgan Thomas, “The rhetoric of Gwilym Ddu’s awdlau to Sir Gruffydd Llwyd”, Studia Celtica 40 (2006): 155–172.
Davies, Morgan Thomas, “Protocols of reading in early Irish literature: notes on some notes to Orgain Denna Ríg and Amra Coluim Cille”, Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies 32 (Winter, 1996): 1–23.
Davies, Morgan T., “Kings and clerics in some Leinster sagas”, Ériu 47 (1996): 45–66.
Davies, Morgan Thomas, “Aed i'r coed i dorri cof: Dafydd ap Gwilym and the metaphorics of carpentry”, Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies 30 (Winter, 1995): 67–85.

Contributions to edited collections or authored works

Davies, Morgan Thomas, “Warrior time”, in: Jan Erik Rekdal, and Charles Doherty (eds), Kings and warriors in early north-west Europe, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2016. 237–309.
Davies, Morgan Thomas, “Cultural memory, the finding of the Táin, and the canonical process in early Irish literature”, in: Jan Erik Rekdal, and Erich Poppe (eds), Medieval Irish perspectives on cultural memory, 11, Münster: Nodus Publikationen, 2014. 81–108.
Davies, Morgan Thomas, “Anecdota from Irish manuscripts”, in: Georgia Henley, Paul Russell, and Joseph F. Eska (eds), Rhetoric and reality in medieval Celtic literature: studies in honor of Daniel F. Melia, 11-12, Hamilton, NY: Colgate University Press, 2014. 20–38.
Davies, Morgan Thomas, “Dindshenchas, memory, and invention”, in: Cathinka Hambro, and Lars Ivar Widerøe (eds), Lochlann: Festskrift til Jan Erik Rekdal på 60-årsdagen / Aistí in ómós do Jan Erik Rekdal ar a 60ú lá breithe, Oslo: Hermes Academic, 2013. 86–104.
Davies, Morgan Thomas, “Introduction”, in: Morgan Thomas Davies (ed.), Proceedings of the Celtic Studies Association of North America Annual Meeting 2008, 10, New York: Colgate University Press, 2011. 1–9.
Davies, Morgan Thomas, “The somewhat heroic biography of Brandub mac Echach”, in: Dan M. Wiley (ed.), Essays on the early Irish king tales, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2008. 170–212.
Davies, Morgan Thomas, “The death of Dafydd ap Gwilym”, in: Joseph Falaky Nagy, and Leslie Ellen Jones (eds), Heroic poets and poetic heroes in Celtic tradition: a Festschrift for Patrick K. Ford, 3, 4, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2005. 55–73.