Tom Peete
b. 1879–d. 1951

8 publications between 1910 and 1952 indexed
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Works authored

Cross, Tom Peete, Motif-index of early Irish literature, Indiana University Publications, Folklore Series, 7, Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University, 1952.
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Contributions to journals

Cross, Tom Peete, “Sohrab and Rustum in Ireland”, Journal of Celtic Studies 1 (1949–1950): 176–182.
Cross, Tom Peete [ed. and tr.], “‘The Psalter of the Pig,’ an Irish legend”, Modern Philology 18:8 (1920): 443–455.
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Cross, Tom Peete, and A. C. L. Brown [trs.], “Fingen's night-watch”, The Romanic Review 9 (1918): 29–47.
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Cross, Tom Peete, “Laegaire mac Crimthann’s visit to fairyland”, Modern Philology 13 (1916): 731–739.
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Cross, Tom Peete, “The Celtic elements in the lays of Lanval and Graelant”, Modern Philology 12:10 (April 1915, 1914–1915): 585–644.
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Cross, Tom Peete, “The Celtic origin of the Lay of Yonec”, Revue Celtique 31 (1910): 413–471.
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Contributions to edited collections or authored works

Cross, T. P., “The Celtic Fée in Launfal”, in: Fred N. Robinson, Edward Stevens Sheldon, and William Allan Neilson (eds), Anniversary papers by colleagues and pupils of George Lyman Kittredge, Boston, London: Ginn & Co., 1913. 377–387.
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As honouree

Modern Philology 43 — Studies in honor of Tom Peete Cross (1945).

As honouree

Modern Philology 43 — Studies in honor of Tom Peete Cross (1945)..