d. AD 1642

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Bedell, William, Leabhuir an tSean Tiomna: ar na dtarruing on teanguidh ughdarach go Gaidhlig tré chúram agus sáothar, an doctúr Uilliam Bhedel, Dublin: British and Foreign Bible Society, 1827.
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Bedell, William, and William OʼDomhnuill, Biobla naomhtha: ann a bhfuilid an tSean Tiomnadh...Uilliam Bhedel / agus an Tiomna Nuadh...Uilliam O Domhnuill, London: British and Foreign Bible Society, 1817.
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Bedell, William [et al.], and Uillam Ó Domhnuill [et al.], An Biobla Naomhtha: iona bhfuil Leabhair na Seintiomna... / agus na Tiomna Nuaidhe..., ed. Robert Kirk, London: R. Ebheringtham, 1690.
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