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  • 1830–1911
  • County Carlow
Irish clergyman, cardinal (since 1885), and scholar.
mythical judge (brithem) who is said to have given instructions of wisdom to the young king of Tara, Feradach Find Fechtnach son of Crimthann Nia Náir, after the revolt of the aithech-thúatha; besides Audacht Morainn, a number of further texts relating to wisdom and law are attributed to him.
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Morgan (Ray) See: Ray Looker

Welsh clergyman, who became bishop of Llandaf (cons. 1595) and subsequently of St Asaph (1601). He is known for having produced the first Welsh translation of the complete Bible (the Old and New Testaments), which took him many years to complete and was finally published in 1588.
Moríath (alias Muiríath ‘Sea-land’), daughter of Scoríath, king of the Fir Morca in Munster, and the wife of Labraid Loingsech, high-king of Ireland from the Laigin.

Moríath ... ingen ríg mhara Grég See: Móriath [ingen ríg mhara Grég]

  • 1693 (Quimper)–1750
Dom Pierre-Hyacinthe Morice de Beaubois, or in short Dom Morice, was a Benedictine historian and a member of the Maurists.
Morna, father of Goll and founder of the Clann Morna; said in Macgnímartha Finn to be a son of Eochu Find, son of Coirpre Galach, son of Muiredach.
deity or supernatural figure in medieval Irish literature, frequently associated with war and destruction; she sometimes appears as part of a triad with Macha and the Badb; also associated with Nemain.

Morrígu See: The Morrígan

  • d. 1977