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  • fl. 1098–1140
  • Regensburg?
Honorius Augustodunensis is a medieval theologian and author, active between ca. 1190 and ca. 1140. He is also referred to as Honorius Inclusus or Honorius of Autun. He has written several works, including the Speculum ecclesiae, the Elucidarium, and the Imago mundi. Two of his works (the Elucidarium and the Imago mundi) have been translated into Middle Welsh.
Welsh society based in London, which was founded in 1715 and had ceased to be active by the end of the same century.

(Welsh: Anrhydeddus Gymdeithas y Cymmrodorion), a learned society founded in 1751 by a group of Welshmen in London and re-formed in 1820 and 1873.