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British scholar of medieval history and palaeography.

Crimall mac Trénmóir See: Crimall mac Trénmóir

Crimthann Cualann See: Crimthann mac Áeda

King of the Leinster of the Uí Máil, son of Áed Díbchíne.

Crimthann mac Áedo See: Crimthann mac Áeda

son of Énna Cennselach, king of Leinster
  • supp. fl. 4th century
In Irish historical tradition, a king of Munster and high-king of Ireland, who is portrayed in origin legends concerning the Éoganachta. Through his father Fidach son of Dáire Cerbba, he is given a descent from Ailill Ólomm, but no dynastic group is said to spring from him. According to his aided or ‘death-tale’, he was poisoned by his own sister Mongfhind. Some narratives connect him to Conall Corc.
  • supp. fl. 5th/6th century
  • Connacht, Uí Maine
A king of Connacht from the Uí Maine in the hagiographical dossier associated with Ciarán of Clonmacnoise. He is said to have ruled around the time of the saint’s birth. His father is identified as Lugaid mac Dalláin, which according to some pedigrees would make him a great-great-grandson of Maine Mór, eponymous ancestor of the Uí Maine.

Crimthann Mór mac Fidaig See: Crimthann mac Fidaig

son of Lugaid Ríab nDerg; high-king of Ireland in Irish tradition