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  • s. xx–xxi
king of Dál Riata

Comgall mac Sétnai See: Comgall of Bangor

Comgall moccu Araidi See: Comgall of Bangor

  • d. 601/602
  • Bennchor ... Bangor
Comgall (mac Sétnai) moccu Araidi, patron saint of Bangor

Comgán Mac Da Cherda See: Comgán Mac Dá Cherda

  • fl. first half of the 7th century
Poet and fool (óinmit) in Irish literature; a son of Máel Ochtraig (king of the Déisi Muman) and a contemporary of Cummíne Fota. The name Mac Dá Cherda would mean ‘Son of Two Arts’, but seeing as it may go back to an original Moccu Cherda (as suggested by Jackson and Ó Coileáin) it is perhaps best spelled conservatively, without lengthening in Da.

Commán mac Fáelchon See: Commán of Roscommon

  • d. 747
  • Ros Commáin
Commán mac Fáelchon, patron saint of Ros Commáin (Roscommon).
  • d. 1907