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English antiquarian and author, known best for his Britannia.
  • s. xx–xxi
  • 1906–1996
Scottish scholar of Gaelic and Scots oral traditions.
  • 1540–1581
English Jesuit priest and martyr, son of a London-based bookseller; one-time tutor to Richard Stanihurst in Ireland and author of Two bokes of the histories of Ireland (1571). Because his preaching activities in various parts of England were deemed dangerous and political by Anglican authorities, he was arrested on the charge of high treason and finally, hanged, drawn and quartered.
  • s. v
  • Bennchor ... Bangor, Rathan ... (Co. Offaly)
A now obscure saint, abbot of Rathan (Rahan, Co. Offaly) and contemporary of St Patrick. He appears as Camulacus Commiensium (‘of the Commienses’) in Tírechan’s Collectanea and as Camelacus in an early hymn. His background is unknown and modern scholars have variously argued for Gaulish, British and Irish origins.