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  • fl. 798–814
Irish scholar at the court of Charlemagne.
  • supp. fl. 5rd century
Legendary founder of Powys; appears in the Historia Brittonum (ch. 32–35), according to which he was originally a servant of Benlli, British tyrant and enemy of St Germanus, and later made king by Germanus after Benlli perished by divine fire.

Cadoc See: Cadog

  • fl. 6th c.
  • Llancarfan
  • d. c. 634
  • Gwynedd
king of Gwynedd, traditionally identified with Bede’s Cædwalla in HE 3.1
  • d. 1241
  • Strata Florida, Bangor Cathedral, Whitland Abbey, Dore Abbey, Llandefai ... village
Bishop of Bangor (1215–1235/6), previously abbot of Whitland.

Cadwgan of Llandefai See: Cadwgan [bishop of Bangor]