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  • supp. fl. 5th century
  • Imlech Broccada
Irish saint, patron of Imlech Ech/Broccada (modern Emlagh, Co. Roscommon). In the Additamenta in the Book of Armagh, he is given as one of the sons of Patrick's sister, along with Lommán of Trim and a number of others.
  • suppl fl. 5th century
Irish saint noted for having been a scribe (scríbnid) of Saint Patrick’s household. There are other saints of the same name or name-group (Broc, Broccaid, Broccán) who were said to be related to St Patrick, such as Broccaid of Emlagh (Co. Roscommon) and Broccán of Breachmagh/Breaghey (Co. Armagh), both of whom are given as a son of Patrick’s sister Darerca. Ó Riain has suggested that they may have all originated as a single individual.

Broccán scríbnid See: Broccán [scribe]

  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • c.1740–1793
  • s. xx / s. xxi
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Browne (Patrick) See: Pádraig de Brún

  • 1645–1712
  • Lurgan ... (Co. Armagh)
Anglo-Irish landowner at Lurgan (Co. Armagh) whose collection of Irish manuscripts attracted the attention of Edward Lhuyd in 1699.