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Brian Bóruma See: Brian Boru

hostel-keeper (briugu) in the Ulster Cycle of tales

Brieg See: Brioc

Brieuc See: Brioc

  • c. 439/452–c. 524/526
  • Cell Dara
patron saint of Kildare, whose cult spread both within and outside of Ireland.
  • supp. fl. 5th/6th century
  • Tréguier, Ceredigion, Saint-Brieuc, St Breock, Llandyfrïog
Brittonic saint.

Briocus See: Brioc

Briomaglus See: Brioc

  • supp. fl. 4th/5th century
  • Connacht
In Irish tradition, a son of Eochaid Mugmedón, a half-brother to Níall Noígíallach, and eponymous ancestor of the Uí Briúin, a branch of the Connachta.