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  • 1881–1943
warrior in the Ulster Cycle, son of the Ulster king Conchobar mac Nessa.
  • d. 687
  • Lindisfarne, Melrose, Durham cathedral
Northumbrian saint associated with Lindisfarne, Melrose and Durham.
  • fl. 6th century
  • Caer Gybi ... Holyhead
St Cybi, saint of Caergybi (Holyhead) and reputed founder of other churches.

Cynddelw ... Robert Ellis See: Robert Ellis [Cynddelw]

  • fl. 1155–1200
  • supp. fl. early 8th century
  • Congresbury, Wells
Patron saint of Congresbury (Cungres-byrig) in Somerset, to which it supposedly gave its name. His origins are obscure. It has been suggested that he was originally a Welsh/British saint, and/or that he was invented to explain the placename and equip Congresbury with an origin story, based perhaps on a version of the Welsh saint. His vita shows certain affinities with 12th-century Welsh Latin hagiography associated with Caradog and the monastery of Llancarfan.

Cyngar of Congresbury See: Cyngar

  • supp. fl. 6th century?
  • Llangefni, Hope ... Flintshire
Patron saint of Llangefni, Anglesey, and Hope (olim Llangyngar), Flintshire; apparently the saint of this name who is described as kinsman of St Cybi in the latter’s Life. He may be related to St Cungar of Congresbury, whose Life attributes to him two unspecified foundations in Glamorgan.
king of Powys; son of Cadell
Wiliam Cynwal, of Ysbyty Ifan (Conwy County Borough, north Wales), Welsh poet and transcriber. Manuscripts include NLW MS 21249B.