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in Irish legendary (pre)history, a high-king of Ireland; given as a son of Mug Corb
In Baile Binnbérlach mac Búain, given (together with Monach and Búan) as one of the grandsons of Capa son of Cinga son of Ros son of Rudraige and an ancestor a quo Dál Cuirb
warrior in tales of the Ulster Cycle
In Cath Maige Mucrama, an otherworldly musician of the timpán and instigator of strife between Éogan and Mac Con.
  • fl. 8th or 9th century (?)
Munster poet and scholar to whom some ten Old Irish verse fragments have been attributed.
In Acallam na senórach, musician of the síde, who at one time appears in the service of Bodb Derg until he is conferred as a gift to the three sons of Lugaid Menn. His first name is a possible kenning for ‘salmon’ (see DIL s.v. tonn).
usually, poet of Cú Roí
son of Bodb Derg son of the Dagda in the Acallam na senórach

Ferdoman mac Rónáin See: Áed Rind mac Rónáin

king of Tara from the Cenél nÉogain