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  • s. xx–xxi
Scholar of medieval Welsh genealogy.
  • s. xx–xxi
  • 1883–1933
Czech scholar, who was Professor of Celtic and comparative philology in the University of Bratislava.
  • 1594–1657
  • Pennycross ... Isle of Mull
Scottish physician whose family was based in Pennycross (Isle of Mull), principal physician to the MacLeans of Duart.
  • fl. second half of the 17th century
Rev. John Beaton, episcopalian minister of Kilninian, Mull; second son of John Beaton (1594-1657); physician and head of medical family
  • Mellifont Abbey
Bec(c) ‘the exile’, son of Airist, king of the Romans; in the Acallam na senórach he is said to have attempted the conquest of Ireland but drowned in a great wave that overcame Ireland: he died in the spot that came to be known as the estuary of Bec Loingsech (Inber Bic Loingsig) in Brega, later the site of the monastery of Drogheda (Mellifont Abbey, Co. Louth).
  • d. 550s
legendary seer, best known from literary sources as an Irish prophet associated with Díarmait mac Cerbaill