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Breock See: Brioc

  • fl. 6th century
A son of Díarmait mac Cerbaill who is known from an early Irish legend in which his father has him killed as a punishment for theft after which St Beccán (of Emlagh, a church near Kells) brings him back from hell.

Brian Bóruma See: Brian Boru

Brían Bóruma See: Brian Boru

  • c. 941–23 April 1014
High-king of Ireland from the Dál Cais, son of Cennétig mac Lorcáin (d. 951); typically known for breaking the hegemony of the Uí Néill in Ireland; died at the battle of Clontarf (1014). He is the celebrated hero of Cogad Gáedel re Gallaib, a twelfth-century propagandistic narrative text that has helped to enhance his reputation.

Brían mac Echach Muigmedóin See: Brión mac Echach Muigmedóin

hostel-keeper (briugu) in the Ulster Cycle of tales

Brieg See: Brioc

Brieuc See: Brioc