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Flann of Febail

Flann Fína mac Ossu See: Aldfrith [king of Northumbria]

  • d. 891 x 918
early Irish poet; called ‘the Virgil of the Irish’ (Firgil Gáedel) and ‘King of the Poets of Ireland’ respectively.

Flann mac Lónáin See: Flann mac Lonáin

  • fl. 10th century
early Irish poet, son of Máel Máedoc mac Díarmata

Flann mac Máele Sechnaill See: Flann Sinna mac Maíle Sechnaill

  • d. 1056
  • Mainistir Buite
Middle Irish poet ass. with Monasterboice (Mainistir Buite)
Flann Sinna (‘of the Shannon’), son of Máel Sechnaill mac Máele Ruanaid; was high-king of Ireland from the Clann Cholmáin, the leading branch of the southern Uí Néill.
Medieval Irish scholar who describes himself as the author of Don tres Troí.
king of Brega; poet;