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Irish Jesuit, cousin of Andrew FitzJohn Sall.
Irish Jesuit, Church of Ireland convert, who was involved in bringing the Irish Bible to publication.

Salusbury (William) See: William Salesbury

Samair See: Scleth and Samair

Old Testament judge and warrior known for his extraordinary strength, his fights against the Philistines and his betrayal by Delilah, a woman whom he loved.

Samthann See: Samthann of Clonbroney

Samthann ingen Díaráin See: Samthann of Clonbroney

  • d. 739
  • Clúain Brónaig
Samthann ingen Díaráin, patron saint of Clúain Brónaig (Clonbroney, Co. Longford)

Sauer (Lorenz) See: Laurentius Surius

Saul of Tarsus See: Paul the Apostle