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  • 1900–1963
Indo-European linguist and philologist.
  • Ireland, Mag Breg
Banba is a designation for Ireland as a whole, though  “[o]rig. name of north Leinster = mag mBreg, hence from British compound *Banno-Magos [...] or from *ban-w-yā as a theonym” (eDIL s.v. Banba), as well as an eponymous character or personification who is said to have given her name to the island; sometimes mentioned along with two sisters, Ériu and Fódla, who did likewise.
The following references to Banbán may refer to the same individual: (1) one mentioned in the annals as sapiens (AU s.a. 686), fer léigind at Kildare (AT; cf. Fragmentary annals), (2) Banbán mentioned in association with the promulgation of Cáin Fhuithirbe and (3) Banbannus mentioned as an authority in the so-called Reichenau commentary on the Catholic Epistles. A further case has been made for the saint of the same name commemorated in the Félire Óengusso and elsewhere.
  • Ráith Becc ... (Mag Line)
layman in the tale of Aided Díarmata meic Cerbaill, in which he invites Díarmait, king of Tara, to his house at Ráith Becc, where the king meets his end.
abbot of Clóenad (Clane, Co. Kildare)
  • s. xx–xxi

Bannerman (John W. M.) See: John Bannerman

  • 1932–2008
Scottish historian.

Bardd Cwsg See: Rhys Fardd

Anglican priest and historian
English lawyer, antiquary and naturalist.
Irish-language scholar and activist and Hebraist, born in  Stradbally, Co. Waterford.
  • 1924–2013
Scottish historian.