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  • fl. 9th century
  • Rheinau, Switzerland, Orkneys, Ireland
Irish saint from Leinster who is said to have been captured by vikings and carried off as a slave to the Orkneys, only to escape and embark on a pilgrimage to Rome; while returning home, he met and joined a community of anchorites based at Rheinau (at the Rhine, near Schaffhausen, modern Switzerland).
A figure of medieval Irish tradition who survives the Flood and lives to give eye-witness accounts of the history of Ireland

Fintan Munnu See: Munnu of Taghmon

  • supp. fl. 6th century
  • Clúain Eidnech
  • Dún Bleisce
patron saint of Dún Bleisce (present-day Doon, barony of Coonagh, Co. Limerick)

Fintan of Taghmon See: Fintan of Clonenagh;;Id

Fionn mac Cumhaill See: Finn mac Cumaill