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  • s. xx / s. xxi
Conchobar’s physician in Aislinge Óenguso; otherwise called Fergnae
King of Munster from the Éoganacht Chaisil
  • fl. 9th century (?)
early Irish poet to whom is ascribed a threat of satire (a tréfhocal fócrai, beg. A mo Choimdiu nél) to the Fir Arddae; said to be a pupil to one Dubdhartach.
In Airne Fíngein (‘Fíngen's vigil’), a prince (rígdomna) of Munster, who stands on top of Druim Fíngin one Samain night when he meets Rothníam, a woman of the síd, and through her learns of a series of wonders associated with the birth of Conn Cétchathach.
Finn mac Cumaill (earlier mac Umaill?), Find úa Báiscni: central hero in medieval Irish and Scottish literature of the so-called Finn Cycle; warrior-hunter and leader of a fían
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • (supp.) fl. 6th century?
  • Corcach
Irish saint, patron of Corcach (Cork)
  • supp. fl. 7th century, d. 655/665?
  • Brí Gobann
patron saint of Brí Gobann (Brigown in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork)
  • fl. 5th/6th century
  • Clúain Eraird
Finnián mac Findloga, patron saint of Clúain Eráird (Clonard)
Findbarr, patron saint of Mag Bile (Moville)