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son of Donn and grandson or descendant of Duibne; warrior in Finn’s household; one of the protagonists of Tóruigheacht Dhiarmada agus Ghráinne
  • fl. c. 795–825
  • Continental Europe
Irishman who joined the scholarly community of Charlemagne’s court
  • fl. late 7th century
  • Bosham ... monastery
Irish monk and abbot of a monastery in Bosham (Sussex), who is known from a brief episode of Wilfrid’s career in Bede, HE iv.13, where his name appears as Dicul. He is said to have led five or six monks at a monasteriolum ... siluis et mari circumdatum, whose local influence was inconsequential.

Dicul of Bosham See: Dícuill of Bosham

Dígbál ... son of Úar See: Aincél, Dígbál and Esbaid [sons of Úar]

  • s. xx–xxi
Tréth/Tríath (?, gen. Treth in Scéla Éogain ocus Cormaic) or Díl (Cath Maige Mucrama); father of Moncha, wife of Éogan Mór.