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  • 1631/2–1702
  • County Meath
Walter Porter, whose religious name is Francis Porter, was an Irish Franciscan friar associated with St Isidore’s College in Rome;a native of Meath; author of several works of ecclesiastical history.
  • 1845–1922
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  • d. 1916

A Franciscan college founded in 1629 by Irish Franciscan priests from Louvain.

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Welsh historian
  • c.1564–1634
  • Plas Iolyn
Welsh poet, adventurer; son of Ellis Prys of Plas Iolyn, Denbighshire.
  • d. 859
  • Mainz, Fulda
Irish monk, scholar and poet at Mainz; known to have been the owner of a copy of Isidore’s Etymologiae (Laon MS 447). An obit of 859 is recorded in the annals of Fulda.

Probus Scottus of Mainz See: Probus of Mainz

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