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Mac Eochagáin (Mageoghegan) family,
Mac Fhir Bhisigh, Ciothruadh mac Taidhg Ruaidh - apparently a great-great-grandson of the scribe Giolla Íosa Mac Fhir Bhisigh. He is known primarily because he added a footnote to cols 380–81 of Yellow Book Lecan (TCD 1318), in which he states his name and gives the title of the manuscript as Leabhar buidhe ‘Yellow book’. When Ciothruadh's manuscript was bound together with other, unrelated parts, the title was carried over to the compilation as a whole.
  • Lecán ... Lackan (Co. Sligo)
Irish scholar and scribe of the Mac Fhir Bhisigh learned family
Dubhaltach (Óg) Mac Fhir Bhisigh, Irish historian and scribe, member of the learned Mac Fhir Bhisigh family in Connacht
medieval Irish poet, ollam
Mac Fhirbhisigh (Mac Firbisigh, angl. Firbis), an important learned family of historians and scribes based in Co. Sligo

Mac Fhir Léinn (Eoin) See: John C. MacErlean

[MacClancy (anglicized)], important learned family of legal experts.
Irish scribe, son and assistant of Giolla Íosa Mac Fhir Bhisigh

Mac Gabhann (Peadar) See: Peter J. Smith

  • fl. early 18th c.
Irish scribe.

Mac Gabhrán (Seán) See: Seán Mac Gabhráin

  • 1702—c.1792
Poet from Co. Cork
  • s. xx / s. xxi