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king of Uisnech Mide; son of Níall Noígíallach; eponymous ancestor of the Cenél Fíachach.
Fíachu (Mun- or Muil-lethan) mac Éogain; son of Éogan mac Ailella; king of Munster
son of Cairpre Lifechair
or Fíachu Suidge, son of Feidlimid Rechtaid (Rechtmar), legendary king of Tara
legendary high-king of Ireland, son of Muiredach Bolgrach, according to Lebor gabála Érenn and related sources.
  • fl. 8th century
abbot of Rahan, brother to the anchorite Fidmuine
  • fl. 8th century
anchorite, brother to Fidairle (abbot of Rahan)
  • s. xx–xxi

Filagrius See: Philargyrius

Filargirius See: Philargyrius

Fillan of Strathfillan See: Fáelán of Strathfillan

  • s. xx–xxi